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Understanding Your Results

When you finish the quiz, you receive your fitness personality color and something else: your Self-Reported Alignment Value and your Raw Results. Here’s what they mean.

The quiz is composed of 4 personality dimensions. They combine to determine your color. Raw Results (the numbers separated by asterisks) reflect the consistency of your answers within each dimension. A score of 3 or higher indicates a clear preference for a particular dimension. A score of 1 indicates that your preference is ambiguous for that dimension. (There are no even scores if all the questions were answered.)

The Self-Reported Alignment Number indicates how consistently you align with your exercise color. A 7 or higher means you can confidently embrace your exercise color.

What if your number is 5 or lower? Remember, we are all a mix of natural and learned behavior and use all aspects of our personality, not just our dominant ones. If you are unable to determine your color from the quiz and the Alignment Number, read the descriptions of each color to narrow in on your best fit.