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silver: masters of exercise disguise

Silvers wrap exercise in a disguise, as the idea of pure exercise is unappealing to them; in fact, having an alternative purpose keeps them engaged in the activity. Silvers enjoy activities that are convenient, requiring minimal process and planning. Silvers are attracted to new ideas, possibilities and activities with others. They enjoy variety and tend to cycle through fitness passions. Or, they might avoid the temptation of novelty and keep their exercise program routine and simple.

Motivation, Approach, and Focus

Energized by new ideas and possibilities, Silvers eagerly embrace novel concepts and respond to a world of opportunity. Silvers find little that doesn’t interest them. They’re quick to see connections and build on ideas.

Silvers enjoy being with people who share their enthusiasm and can contribute to their projects and activities. With so many interests, exercise for its own sake can be boring. It’s best when taken out of the context of pure exercise and wrapped in the guise of something else, such as a challenge, an adventure, an exploration, or spending time with people.

Active Silvers fall into one of two categories: Make It Central or Keep It Simple. When physical activity takes on a central role, there are likely several layers of experience and achievement to disguise pure exercise for a Silver. For example, training for a marathon with a group, skiing or biking with friends, walking meetings with colleagues, or competitive ballroom dancing. In each case there are multiple enticements and hooks; Silvers will get their exercise along the way. And with their Intuitive natures, Silvers can naturally make the mind/body/soul connection and might be attracted to exercise with that as a component.

For Silvers with active friends and family, physical activity can become an operating principle in their lives, with positive momentum overpowering any resistance. They approach this lifestyle with enthusiasm and gusto, and rarely miss a day of exercise, even when it’s piled on top of an already full schedule.

Keep It Simple Silvers, who do not make exercise central in their lives, find exercise success by keeping activities uncomplicated, unremarkable and easy to accomplish. These Silvers might even become rigid in their program, in contrast to the flexible approach they apply to the rest of their lives, convinced that if they deviate from their routine – or try to improve on it and change it – it might fall apart.

For Silvers whose interests often pull them in so many directions, many report that regular exercise makes them feel more balanced and in control of their lives.

Environment and Interpersonal Connections

Convenience is a must. The more decision points Silvers must navigate, the less appealing exercise becomes. Whether they belong to a fitness center, practice yoga or tai chi, or run in the park, Silvers don’t want to spend too much time in transition. Their schedules are tight and time is valuable. Convenience, after all, relates to flow – moving from one activity to another with little effort – much the way Silvers connect ideas.

A stimulating environment, connecting with people around training programs, possibly taking the lead in setting up a training schedule – these can keep a Silver’s interest high. With their busy lives, many Silvers also enjoy exercising alone, finding satisfaction and balance in reflection. A walk at night, a run along the bike path, or solo time at the gym provides an opportunity to be with their thoughts and clear their busy minds.

Using a Trainer

Silver Efficients (ENTP)

Silver Efficients seek a trainer who understands how the body works and is competent at explaining it. They will have challenging questions for a trainer to respond to; their relationship is professional.

Silver Harmonies (ENFP)

Silver Harmonies seek trainers who they enjoy spending time with. Their relationship with their trainer tends to be personal, although they will ask challenging questions, as well.