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saffron seeking: making workouts into play

Saffrons are attracted to activities that are flexible and convenient, and provide an opportunity for spontaneity and self-expression. They tend to lose interest in anything too organized. Easily bored and internally demanding, Saffrons enjoy challenging activities with the right combi- nation of fun, freedom, and flow. A sense of play is appealing, making fun activities is a high priority.

Motivation, Approach, Focus

Saffrons prefer an easy-going and casual lifestyle and are attracted to easy access to exercise that requires minimal process or advance planning. Keeping plans to a minimum provides more opportunities to enjoy the kick they get when life hands them the unexpected. For them, serendipity provides an extra measure of enjoyment and fun. Though Saffrons appreciate being physically active, imposed routines and schedules that limit their flexibility to engage on their own terms soon become burdens that inhibit rather than encourage physical activity.

Although their outward demeanor is relaxed, inwardly Saffrons can be intense. With a challenge in front of them, they apply themselves to the task with quiet commitment. Competitive—with themselves more than others—Saffrons are engaged in setting difficult and often physically demanding goals. Physical pursuits are in fact a great balance to their intensity, providing a cleansing relief from constant inner analysis, debate, and searching.

Independent, and often perfectionists, Saffrons are drawn to activities that require a high level of performance. Boredom can be a concern for Saffrons, and they find satisfaction in physical pursuits that push them to higher fitness levels.

Saffrons maintain physical activity by finding elements of challenge, fun, freedom, and flow. They love creating a rhythm and keeping it going. Convenience is an important consideration—many Saffrons say it’s essential for making physical activity appealing. Every step they must take on the way to exercising is another opportunity to get off-track, so the fewer decision points between the idea and its execution, the better. With their intuitive natures, Saffrons can easily make the mind/body/soul connection and might be attracted to exercise with that as a component.

Environment and Interpersonal Connections

Saffrons lean toward outdoor settings for most of their cardio activities, enjoying the freedom and flexibility the outdoors provides. Although they might go to the gym for some of their cardio, many report their gym visits have a particular purpose, like lifting weights, for example. With their attraction to movement and flow, many Saffrons enjoy group fitness classes, if the music is to their liking and it’s fun!

Saffrons enjoy exercising alone—and with others, as long as the interaction is not demanding or confining. For instance, they might enjoy light banter with a running partner. It’s not unusual for Saffrons to train for a marathon with a family member or friend, but it won’t happen if there’s much to-do about dates and schedules ahead of time. Arrangements must be convenient and relaxed. Because Saffrons rarely consider themselves as part of a group, they deal better with a few like-minded people, rather than an organized gathering. For the same reason, Saffrons often choose unusual sports or activities, e.g. Ultimate Frisbee, Taiko drumming, or bouldering.

Saffron Efficients (INTP)

Saffron Efficients will seek trainers primarily when they want to learn specific skills or improve their performance in a particular area.

Saffron Harmonies (INFP)

Saffron Harmonies seek to partner with trainers. It is important that the trainer understands and is aligned with their values.