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royal purples: pursuers with a plan

Disciplined initiators, Purples approach exercise with purpose and an objective, and always with a plan. Purples organize exercise into categories, like cardio, weights and strength. They are attracted to variety, and experiment with different approaches from time to time, but are soon drawn back to exercise they can make routine. Purples have a consistent approach to exercise. Once it’s in their life, they generally stay with it.

Motivation, Approach, and Focus

It is in the nature of Purples to orient toward a routine, become comforted by it, and take pleasure in completing their plan as envisioned. Active Purples are occupied with a constant quest for increased competency and self-improvement and believe they should be sufficiently disciplined to make a place and time for regular exercise. Purples approach exercise purposefully and always with a plan—often a loosely envisioned plan, but nevertheless, a plan.

They will research, study, consult authorities, and do whatever is needed to collect information. However, with confidence and independence as trademarks of their personality, they trust their own ability to pull together their exercise program, complete with categories such as cardio, strength, and flexibility. As Intuitves, they readily see the mind/body/soul connection and will often include exercise with that focus as a category.

Purples are attracted to variety and experiment with different approaches from time to time, but are soon drawn back to exercise they can make routine. They prefer a consistent approach to exercise. Once exercise takes on an established pattern, Purples comfortably maintain that routine. As natural planners, they’ll easily pack their gym bag to prepare for their personal needs before and after their workout. They take advantage and enjoy the amenities of a well appointed club—all part of the routine.

Friendly, outgoing, and energetic, Purples walk with confidence and speak with certainty. With their natural attraction to the outer world, Purples frequently do not give themselves enough time alone to access their more creative inner side. Purples often find exercise a perfect way to have that time alone and connect with their creative side. Many report that while engaged in repetitive cardio activities which do not require focused attention, they get into a mental zone. While on automatic pilot, their mind goes elsewhere, which often provides refreshing creative thoughts.

Environment and Interpersonal Connections

Purples prefer to control their own environment and can be surprisingly disturbed by what they perceive as out-of- place elements in their surroundings. Many report they become so distracted by such non-conducive factors in an environment that it actually interferes with their ability to enjoy and maintain an exercise program. (For example, loud music, stray dumbbells, or messy equipment.)

Purples are energized by exercising with people in the environment, and they find it pleasing to be around others doing the same thing, without necessarily interacting with them. Too much interaction requires energy and takes them out of that sought after mental zone.

Purple Efficients (ENTJ)

Purple Efficiencies employ a trainer to achieve targeted results with a minimum of wasted effort. The relationship is business-like and impersonal.

Purple Harmonies (ENFJ)

Purple Harmonies enjoy friendly and encouraging trainers. They respond best to those who communicate interest and caring, while at the same time remaining committed to helping them reach their goals.