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blue: tried and true

Conscientious, committed and concerned with safety, Blues approach exercise dutifully and without internal debate. They are very tuned in to their bodies, and correct form is essential. Steady and methodical, Blues prefer to focus on one thing at a time. They enjoy keeping track of their progress and take comfort in following programs that have been tested and proven effective.

Motivation, Approach and Focus

Blues are guided by clear fitness goals and objectives. Often these goals are based on advice from health and medical professionals or information from the media, and they may center on improving performance in sports or other activities. Blues prefer keeping their exercise plans plain, simple and easy to execute. Keeping commitments to themselves ranks high with Blues.

Blues are highly sensitized and aware of their bodies and thus are careful not to over-do. They gravitate to traditional exercise based on proven methods to achieve their goals with a minimum of fuss or risk of injury.

Because they are exercising for a purpose, it doesn’t make sense to Blues to spend time experimenting on new routines when they already know techniques and approaches that have worked in the past. With little inclination to live on the cutting edge, Blues are not interested in the latest weight program or in getting their exercise in “fun” new ways. Blues focus on the purpose of exercise. They will have their fun some other time.

Correct form and proper technique are essential to Blues. These represent not only the best and least wasteful approach to exercise, but they ensure greater safety, which is a high priority for Blues.

When learning something new, Blues prefer a step-by-step approach. For instance, in learning a free-weight routine, Blues prefer to learn the proper technique for developing one muscle group to their satisfaction before moving on to the next. Once a technique is locked into their memory, Blues can comfortably move on, but not until then.

With their emphasis on safety and form, Blues value a chance to learn from qualified experts who, as professionals, can carefully take them through the steps.

Blues are motivated by keeping track of their workouts. What better way to measure progress and verify an accomplishment than by writing it down and seeing the data? Record-keeping allows Blues to refer to their progress in the orderly manner that resonates with their “true blue’ nature. Date, time, distance, sets, reps, results – all details are noted.

Environments and Interpersonal Connections

Blues seek calm and familiar environments that allow them to focus on the task at hand. They find commotion and interruptions disturbing and prefer keeping their gym interactions to a minimum.

Their personalities are modest and quiet; they call little attention to themselves and will not share their fitness milestones and exercise accomplishments unless asked.

Blues typically have outstanding powers of concentration and are adept at creating their own space, even inside a busy fitness center. They might do so by reading or listening to music or books on tape. Many Blues have said that while engaged in repetitious cardio activities, they maintain their energy by chanting or singing to themselves, or by reciting personal mantras.

Using a Trainer

Blue Efficients (ISTJ)

Blue Efficients have a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to personal training sessions. They want to get down to business right away and have little interest in chit-chat.

Blue Harmonies (ISFJ)

Blue Harmonies enjoy exchanging pleasantries in their personal training sessions and seek a friendly relationship with their trainer. Positive feedback from their trainer assures them of correct technique, form and safety.