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endorsements and testimonials

Suzanne Brue is a forward thinker. We all know the importance of fighting the obesity epidemic and increasing activity among people everywhere. Her research and practical approach allow for individuals to learn what they enjoy around activity, giving them a much higher rate of success. It is a groundbreaking approach that helps people overcome their resistance to exercise. This book is also an invaluable book for personal trainers. All fitness professionals should read this book, as it will help you communicate better with your clients and keep people exercising and staying active.

Bill McBride

President and CEO of BMC3 and Active Sports Clubs

Many fitness experts are fond of advising, “find a workout you love.” The 8 Colors Guidebook provides a clear, concise roadmap on how to accomplish this.

Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula

Cofounders of Well+Good

Suzanne Brue’s passion for personal fitness and increased self-understanding shines through in this guide to finding and maintaining an individual fitness program. Readers of The 8 Colors of Fitness will find themselves carried away by Brue’s engaging and informative style and the enthusiasm of fitness devotees of all types.

Dr. Katherine W. Hirsh

Co-author of Introduction to Type® and
Decision Making and Introduction to Type® and Teams

Durability is part of what makes a great athlete. In this book, Suzanne Brue offers important insights into identifying an exercise program that people will stick with—one that matches their unique personality and preferences. I recommend The 8 Colors of Fitness to athletes who need to stay in top shape for their sport, or to anyone trying to maintain—or establish—a healthy, long-lasting level of fitness.

Bill Russell

Player and Coach for the Boston Celtics
Named The 20TH Century’s Greatest Team Player, Sports Illustrated

In The 8 Colors of Fitness, Suzanne Brue has produced a pragmatic and useful guide for ex;loring the needs of the sixteen personality types related to physical exercise. Her illustrations are entertaining and instructive, and her linkages to the sixteen types are thoughtful and engaging. Read it and learn about the exercise program you’ll never quit!

Roger R. Pearman,

President, Qualifying.org, Inc.
Past President of the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi)

Forget those exercise books that promise you results you’ll never see. This book works because it gets to the heart of why people resist making fitness a part of their lives. Suzanne’s sound advice, based on years of research, will help everyone get fit and stay that way. The 8 Colors of Fitness delivers on its promise.

Rick Foster

Consultant, co-author of How We Choose to Be Happy and Choosing Brilliant Health

Suzanne Brue’s user-friendly version of contemporary consciousness-type theory offers us a practical, sensitive, and empathic approach to understanding what makes it harder or easier for us to exercise. Once you start reading The 8 Colors of Fitness, you’ll be on your way to choosing and developing a body maintenance routine—and when you’ve finished the book, you’ll be a lot more willing to go the rest of the way.

John Beebe, M.D.

Jungian analyst, author of Integrity in Depth